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Spa Manicure Services

**All of our spa manicures are performed with surgically sterile instrumentation and are provided by fully licensed cosmetologists and nail technicians. Single-use and disposable materials are used to perform our manicure services to ensure the highest level of cleanliness and safety**

Signature Manicure Series

Serenity Spa Manicure

Begins with a warm hand bath followed by a gentle exfoliation, shaping and trimming, a soothing hand massage and finished with a natural buff or polish of your choice. (40 minutes).

Refresh Manicure

 The quickest way to beautiful hands and nails. Includes a polish change or nail buff, nail shaping, and hand moisturization. (20 minutes)

spa manicures

Manicure Add-ons

  • French polish $7
  • Moisturizing hand masque $10
  • Glycolic, anti-aging hand treatment $30

** All times are approximate**